Terms & Conditions

  1. Procedure: Your order will be done as written in your confirmation (including booking details and participants). Subsequent changes need to be made immediatly. Changing participants seven days before the event cannot be regarded and the client may be liable for charges.
  2. Payment: On your acceptance of the confirmation, you will receive an invoice with 50% of the planned costs. The final amount will be invoiced after the event.
  3. Cancellation: Bad weather is no reason for cancellation. In the event of non-arrival, cancellation or postponement you may be liable for charges: 50% -> up to seven days before event, 80% -> 6-1 days before event, 100% -> same day.
  4. Force majeure: Agency Meet in Motion shall have no liability to the client if it is prevented from or delayed in performing its obligations by acts or accidents beyond its reasonable control (e.g. traffic, weather).
  5. Insurance: Insurance cover will not be provided by Meet in Motion, if third-party suppliers are involved, then you have to accept their terms and conditions and they are liable. Meet in Motion is not liable by consumption of alcohol and drugs.
  6. Participants with physiological or psychological problems need to be known.
  7. Herewith you agree that photos of your event can be published on Meet in Motion printproducts, website and social media.